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The 12V sub-compact-drill category is growing — literally.  As you can see with this 3/8” chuck on the Ridgid R82007, the basic sub-compact shape may still be there, but manufacturers are finding ways to stuff the old into the new.

Ridgid’s new snub-nosed drill may look a bit odd for a “small drill” — it measures around 5″ from front to back and boasts 120 inch-pounds of torque — but the addition of a 3/8” chuck on the sub-compact platform seems to be a lethal combination.  With its slightly bloated dimensions, this is a great half-step between a normal-sized rig and a sub.

Its $100 price point puts it in contention with the subs for those guys who want a small drill but don’t want to give up a 3/8” chuck.  Yes, it’s a bit on the chunky side, but the versatility of the 3/8” drive might win out in the end.

R82007 3/8″ Drill [Home Depot]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


12 Responses to Ridgid R82007 3/8″ Drill

  1. I own one of the larger Ridgid drills and just recently bought this little guy and I absolutely love it. Small, light, and powerful. I just wish they would have added a dual speed setting like on the larger drills.

  2. David says:

    I bought one of these this past early summer. It’s the best tool I could have, I do General Maintenance for a fairly large facility. This drill is the most used tool I own. Like Jared said, I wish it had a dual speed, however. Also an indicator on the batteries would be nice since they are Li-Ion so you don’t get the slowed down speed like with NiCads. It also has a “life time” warranty which is valid as long as the registerer owns the tool. Absolutely awesome other then that.

  3. Peter says:

    I also own one. It’s superb. More torque than my now unused 14v Dewalt, and the charge lasts longer. I bought it over the similar Bosch, Milwaukee because of the chuck.

  4. Electron says:

    The Bosch PS30 is pretty looks like another good option. It’s going for about $150, but the extra $50 gets you the two speed transmission the R82007 lacks. Bosch also has the option of other tools based on the battery platform. That warranty sounds very nice though…

  5. bob cobb says:

    I LOVE my Bosch PS40-2A. I need to get a bit-kit for it, Im thinking either the bosch one that has a chuck, or a dewalt one with a pivoting bit holder

  6. Tech Guy Rob says:

    I have had a pair of these in my scene shop since October and we are wondering how we lived without them. They are really useful in tight spaces!

  7. BigEdJr says:

    Does anyone know anything about the Makita 10.8 combo offerd by HD? I’m in the market for a new drill/driver. I figure a combo might be a wa to go.

  8. BigEdJr says:

    This is the one I was thinking of…

  9. david says:

    How much torque do these have? how about driving 4″ long drywall screws into wood

  10. Andrew says:

    had 18v combo kit from rigid sold to a cousin i like this models weight and power ratio i also picked up the right angle impact from rigid.

  11. Roger Herman says:

    Just tried the link to HD for this tool and it said ” tool not currently available”! What’s up with that??

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