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Starborn Industries, makers of the Smart-Bit, also put out some fasteners with innovative features — the most photogenic are their DeckFast epoxy-coated screws.

As with all of Starborn’s products, these were designed with deck-building in mind.  In addition to their cool colors, the screws feature a head design and reverse-threading mid-shank to prevent mushrooming; zinc plating with an epoxy coat for extreme corrosion-resistance; an auger point; and an extra-deep star recess for less wobble when starting the screws.

Street pricing is a bit meager, but it looks like a “Pro Pack” of 1,750 screws will run $100, or you can get 350 screws — enough for nine square yards of deck — for $26.

DeckFast [Starborn Industries]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


2 Responses to Epoxy-Coated Screws

  1. John says:

    Those are some nice screws.

    I bet the epoxy will hold up.

    I do a lot of at home chemistry with all kinds of strange chemicals, like boiling 98% sulphuric with 30% peroxide in it, which will disintegrate organic matter to black powder / tar / completely burn it off as CO2. I epoxy painted the floor and it’s been a real trooper given how many odd, super reactive chemicals or aggresive solvents I drop on it. Like DCM, 100% pure paint stripper in effect.

  2. Dean says:

    Great innovations… I am surprised how innovation runs through the market and how fast it reaches the consumers and the benefits are really overwhelming. Imagine a small tool like a crew which can be utilized in so many things. Life is easier with so many tools available in the market.

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