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Though working with veneers can be unforgiving, quality tools with sharp cutters will help ensure professional results.  With this dual-purposed veneer-cutting tool from Ulmia, you can make perfect edge joints or cut veneer into strips of exact width.

By placing the left-hand side of the tool against a fence, you can precisely trim veneer edges while cutting with the grain or against it.  You can also cut edges that’re ready to be glued into perfect joints with no more machining.

By placing the right side of the tool against a fence you can cut identical-width veneer strips from 2 to 8mm.  You set the width of the strip by means of inlay rings.

Made from the best-quality tool steel, the blades on either side of the tool can be adjusted for depth and height.  Ulmia contours the steamed red beech handle with a closed loop design reminiscent of a hand-saw handle.  They finish the wood with a high-grade natural varnish, then screw an iron sole to the handle making the tool about 8″ long.

This veneer cutter will run you $150 — German engineering is never cheap.

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  1. fred says:

    On the Peck Site I see that Ulmia is still making their spring miter clamps

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