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The palm-sized driver category is opening up a bit more with the addition of this pint-sized Dremel Driver.  A palm driver’s diminutive size and ease of operation appeal to people who dislike turning the occasional screw but don’t plan to pay out a ton of green for it.  Given Dremel’s experience with small power tools, we wanted to see if their new driver is out in front of the pack — or just late to the game with a “Me, too!” effort.

Check out our assessment of the Dremel Driver, and see how it compares to other palm drivers.


A palm driver is smaller than a compact driver, and it normally doesn’t have a removable (or swappable) battery — so it’s less of a workhorse, but more easily man-handled.  They may be perceived as less intimidating because of size, and they allow for more delicate and precise work.  And obviously they’re not fit for the same applications as full-sized drill/drivers or even the compact drivers.

We’ve actually tested a full set of Dremel tools, the Dremel Duo Kit, but because we’ve already reviewed the Dremel Rotary Tool and there have been no visible changes to it, we’re specifically reviewing the Dremel Driver.  We’ll also show you how it stacks up to Black & Decker’s SmartDriver and Skil’s iXO2.


DSC02575.JPG DSC02581.JPG DSC02582.JPG

Despite the odd shape for the box, the set opens up easily.  Just slide out the inner box and start pulling out the pieces.  We immediately pulled out the charging instructions and started charging the tool.  It had been charged before shipping, but topping it off would get us a lot further.

DSC02579.JPG DSC02580.JPG

Pictures on the back of the box show the pieces that come in the set.  If you’re not already familiar with the Dremel rotary tool and the available bits, the pictures on the back and the order form list in the instructions will give you an idea of what you’ve already got and what you’ll need for the project you’re working on.  The selection is huge, and even just the bits included in the Duo kit give you a lot of options.


DSC02588.JPG DSC02589.JPG DSC02590.JPG

The collet is a standard hex drive with a magnet to hold the bits in place, and the spin selector is the standard “forward/reverse” knob at the trigger.  As mentioned, the battery is non-removable, but that’s by design — different job means different tool.

Now on to the nitty gritty — how well does the Dremel Driver fit the palm-driver niche?

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2 Responses to Hands-On: Dremel Duo Kit — Dremel Driver

  1. ShopMonger says:

    Funny thing about these compact drivers…..
    My father bought me one last x-mas. It was a x-brnaded took that looks more like the skil xilo, I never thought i would use it… until i started using it…….haa haa I now use it more than my 2 dewalt drivers or my two smaller cordless drills. It rocks. Small projecst around the house, putting hinges ont, taking stuff down or a part……. sweet things

  2. Frank says:

    Dremel is of course owned by Bosch. I wonder if this will work out well for Dremel or not.

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