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When an American bricklayer says “tuckpointing” he’s talking about repairing mortar between the bricks of an existing wall, which often includes removing existing mortar.  This tough and dusty job becomes even tougher in situations where you might want to save the bricks from damage in order to put them back.  So Bosch designed a grinder especially for that purpose.

The blade guard is big and spring-loaded to hold against the wall, and a large view pane shows just what’s being cut.  Most important of all, it features a dust extraction port.  Just imagine using a regular grinder on the formerly exterior wall of an old building with sections that have been added on over time — you’d have mortar dust everywhere, dwarfing even the biggest and toughest of dust bunnies in the most remote of corners.

With the grinder’s circular wheel you may not be able to completely avoid some damage to the bricks you want to keep — but you’ll finish the job a lot faster than you would with a hammer and chisel, and at $200 you’ll save about 80% over the best alternative.

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2 Responses to Tuckpoint Grinder

  1. ShopMonger says:

    I like the dust collection idea……

    I would rather see and attachemnt for a standard angle grinder……

  2. fred says:

    Pearl Abrasive makes just such a grinder attachment:


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