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This tool looks like some medieval nasal torture device, but it’s actually a handy spring clamp for holding small miters together.  You can operate it easily with one hand — Ulmia builds the handle right into the clamps, unlike other wire spring clamps that need separate pliers.

In Germany, Ulmia makes these lightweight 3″ by 1-3/8″ miter spring clamps from high-grade hardened spring steel that provides a constant clamping force.  The ends come pointed to minimize damage to the miter, and you can easily resharpen them.

You’ll pay $6 each for these spring clamps.

Steel Miter Clamps [Ulmia]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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7 Responses to Spring Miter Clamp

  1. fred says:

    For fine case work there is nothing like the clam clamp:


  2. fred: I was going to post that one next week! Now I guess I have to give you credit when I do.

  3. fred says:


    I think that Hartford Clamp also makes something similar to the Clam Clamp.

  4. Dan says:



    Set of 4 clamps, 14.50, and they have some special pliers designed to help with leverage when using them.

  5. fred says:

    We had an old set of clamps that used pliers to set them/ They were made by Ulmia in Germany. Ulmia went out of business and other copies came to market. Once we found the Clam clamps – the Ulmia ones were releagetd to the back of the shop.

  6. john smith says:

    I remember an oldtimer in my neighborhood. He made a similar clamp out of
    old bed springs. The beauty was you could make assorted sizes using the different diameters. Best of all, the price was right

  7. Doug says:

    Clam clamp beats anything out there for miters! Nothing like it for the price. You’ll be able to hand it down to your kids.

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