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Black Friday normally incites one of two reactions — either you cower and run to the nearest panic room and hope it all passes you by quickly; or you join the store-combing hordes of undead shoppers, as pictured above.

Like it or not, you can get some serious deals if you’re one of those brave souls not afraid to push around your fellow man with a shopping cart.  Lowe’s conveniently posted some of the deals that’ll be available this November 28th:

  • Black&Decker 24-Volt 4-Piece Cordless Combo Kit was $159.00 now $59.97
  • Black&Decker 129-Piece Drilling & Screwdriving Set was $24.97 now $14.98
  • DeWalt 18-Volt Compact Cordless Drill/Driver Kit was $159.00 now $97.00
  • DeWalt 100-Piece Tradesman Power Tool Accessory Set was $49.97 now $19.98
  • Shop-Vac 14-Gallon, 4.5-HP (Peak) Wet/Dry Vac was $89.97 now $29.00
  • SKIL Orbital Jigsaw was $44.97 now $19.97
  • 10% Off All Kobalt Tool Storage
  • 3D LED Maglite was $29.00 now $14.97
  • 2D LED Maglite was $28.16 now $14.97
  • LED Lighted Tape Measure Set was $20.00 now $9.97
  • Black&Decker 109-Piece Drilling & Driving Set was $19.97 now $9.97
  • Stanley Tripod Flashlight was $17.98 now $9.97

Before you rush off to stake your claim to the savings, remember that stores aren’t kidding about supplies being limited, so get there early.  (Of course, “early” is a relative term, and no matter how much you plan, someone’ll be ahead of you and will try to grab the last of the item you want.)   Most important of all:  If you’re going to take someone out to get at the last orbital jigsaw, cut them off at the knees — no one will be looking down.



6 Responses to Black Friday At The Big Box

  1. John says:

    Does anyone know anything about the $97 Dewalt drill? Is it a good quality Dewalt, or is this a Black and Decker drill with Dewalt’s name on it?

    Will I be happy with this drill?

    I’m also looking at a 18V Craftsman C3 Lithium Ion drill as well but for around $150. Which is the better deal?

    Thanks to anyone who can give me some advice!~

  2. BC says:

    The DeWalt compact series is their cheaper of the two. Lighter weight and lighter in quality, but if you’re going to be using it only occasionally, shouldn’t be a problem. Honestly, when I worked at HD, we took more DeWalt back than we did Ryobi – and not because it was beat to crap. I’m not at all impressed by DeWalt’s quality, especially the compact series.

    If your only two options are DeWalt compact series and Craftsman, get the DeWalt, if only because the batteries are much easier to come by, and they don’t change every year.

  3. fred says:

    We have a big very old Dewalt Radial Arm saw in our shop. Not many other Dewalt tools in our inventory. We have shied away from Dewalt drills recently in favor of Milwaukee, and Makita products which we have given us good service. We used to like Porter Cable drills – but I think that their acquisition by Black & Decker (just like Dewalt) has given them a bit of an identity crisis in the drill arena. We still use Porter Cable routers, sanders and power planes – many of which are old enough to bear the Rockwell name.

  4. KMR says:

    For Craftsman stuff… avoid the “Big” Sears stores. Your local Sears Hardware will have the same specials and will probably be dead empty.

  5. Barry says:

    The chick with the gray shirt is hot!

  6. Ricardo Furioso says:

    Holy moly. Talk about undead. Did you hear a horde of people actually trampled a guy who worked in a department store to death on black friday? Staggering.

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