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Incorrect torque on a small screw may not lead to a life-ending event on the highway, but on precision machines and carefully calibrated devices, small screws require careful handling.  If you don’t care to keep up with the digital age, an “old-fashioned” torque driver will do — but if you’re interested in the tools of the new millennium, check out this digital torque driver.

PB Swiss makes this digital torque driver in three ranges, starting at .89 inch pounds and ranging up to 3.69 foot pounds (10 cNm – 5 Nm).  It accepts PB Swiss’s interchangeable blades, and the magnetic adapter looks like it’ll also accept standard hex bits.  You’ll pay to keep up with the digital age, though — each of the three differently ranged handles runs $174.

Digital Torque Driver [PB Tools]


2 Responses to Tiny Digital Torque

  1. Fabian says:

    What a rip!


  2. ShopMonger says:

    Yeah I would agree, But for really precise electronics it could mean the diff, althogh in my experiwence the palm tourque wrench is the best..

    (trust the force” use you hand and fell the force flowing through you

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