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Wrestling large sheets of plywood onto your table saw while the blade is spinning can be dangerous — plus lifting and twisting heavy, poorly supported objects is a good way to wrench your back.  Landon Innovations, the makers of the Gorilla Grip, claim their LegUp table saw attachment can make this job easier and safer.

The LegUp attaches to the edge of your saw table or fence rail with the built-in clamp and hangs down 25″.  To use it, you slide a panel as narrow as 30″ into the hook at the bottom of the LegUp and twist the panel onto the table with the LegUp supporting the edge of the panel.  Then as you slide the panel toward the fence, the hook releases the panel, and the LegUp flips down, ready for the next panel.

Manufactured in the USA, the LegUp is made entirely of steel and it’s powder-coated for durability.  You’ll pay about $50 to outfit your table saw with a LegUp.

LegUp [Landon Innovations]
LegUp [Hartville Tool]

One Response to Get A LegUp On Panel Goods

  1. fred says:

    Maybe for a home shop – but this problem is why they invented panel saws.
    We love our Safety Speed Cut.

    If you can’t handle the size – it’s better to break the shet down with either a panel saw or a portable circular saw and a straight edge.

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