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Just in case a certain coworker goes off the deep end

If your router puts up a fight every time you change bits, try a chuck eliminator.  Legacy Woodworking offers two versions, labeled as the Bosch version and the Porter Cable version.  Either of them should help eliminate the whole juggling act with two wrenches, and the related cussing.  Even though they look the same, the Porter Cable version supposedly allows you to change router bits in ten seconds without knuckle scrapes.

Legacy sells ’em for $60, and for an additional $20 they’ll throw in a collet reducer.   Woodcraft.com sells a DeWalt version, and you can find some different kinds on eBay, but there don’t seem to be many other options out there.

Now I just need to see if it’ll fit my Craftsman router — and try to find some Sean-Be-Gone, just in case.

Chuck Eliminator [Legacy Woodworking]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
DeWalt Chuck Eliminator [Woodcraft]


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  1. ShopMonger says:

    I have looked at a few of these for my router table setup in my shop.
    I have a basic router setup in large table to handle moldings and it would be easier that taking the router out each time. I alway wonder with larger bits if the increase in vibration can create choppy cuts. Anyone use these with 1/2 and larger bits

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