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Occasionally you’ll sully your car with something that just won’t come out in the wash — for instance, overspray from spray painting in the yard on a windy day.  A clay bar kit provides the easiest answer; it’s less work than the elbow-grease alternative and less likely to mess up the finish.

Meguiar’s Smooth Surface clay bar kit contains everything a beginner at extreme automotive beautification will need:  two clay bars, a mist and wipe spray, and a microfiber towel.  The kit runs about $22 on the street, but Amazon sells ’em for $16.

If you can’t see the point and have no idea what a kit like this would “fix” on your car, then you’d better give up your dream of becoming a clean-Nazi — you’ve just missed the first requirement.

Smooth Surface [Meguiar’s]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


5 Responses to Overspray Happens

  1. techieman33 says:

    Occasional use of a clay bar is a must for any car as far as I’m concerned. It will take your rough feeling paint and make it as smooth as glass. I usually do it in the spring and again in the fall.

  2. clueless says:

    Try http://www.pakshak.com for a good selection of clay bars and microfiber towels.

  3. Brau says:

    The best way is preventative, of course, and keeping your car well waxed will stop any spray from bonding.

    Once my car was vandalized with direct spray paint (tagging). My wife thought for sure I’d be irate, but I just quietly got a bucket, some warm soapy water, and a little stiff rubbing with a terry towel removed it all within about five minutes. Certainly a clay bar would work too, but it’s really the wax that stops it from bonding to the paint. If the overspray is bonded directly to the paint you will have no option but to fine sand it off.

  4. ShopMonger says:

    Clay bar rocks…. best on the market for removing small particulate.

    Use it 1-2 times per year and your car will be glass like. We use it on show cars, and boy does it do its job.

    I use it with Zymoil…

  5. Matt says:

    Discount clay bar:

    Wally-World CRAFT DEPARTMENT plastic non-hardening modeling clay: $3 for five big blocks. It comes in two color ranges, earth tones and primary colors. For lubricant, use car wash soap cut 70/30 with water.

    I used the Meguiar’s clay kit for years before somebody told me this would work just as well for a lot less money. That, and if you drop a bar on your driveway, throw it out and get a fresh one. Three whole bucks for five bricks.

    I admit I was skeptical, so I tried it on the 200+K mile S10 before the brand-new Subaru. Made the truck look great, and did a nice job on the car. No marks, no scratches. The car’s black, and Subaru paint is more known for being environmentally friendly than, you know, sticking to the car.

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