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Sure, you could drop the money on a new Power Squid, but if you already own serviceable power strips with a few blocked outlets, why not just buy a few Power Strip Liberator cables from Ziotek?  They’re not just for power strips — you probably have a few regular outlets blocked by power adapters somewhere in your house or shop.

Ziotek constructs these UL-listed 1-foot extensions with 16AWG wire and heavy-duty molded ends.  Plug the Liberator cable into the power strip and the bulky power adapter into the Liberator cable.  Now you can access every one of those outlets on your power strip.

You can buy Power Strip Liberator cables for as low as $1.25, but beware of $5 shipping charges.  This might be one of those items that’s more economical to purchase at the hardware store, if you can find it there.

Power Strip Liberator [Ziotek]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]

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11 Responses to Liberate Your Power Strip Outlets

  1. Mike47 says:

    Try Fry’s Electronics.

  2. Old Coot says:

    Good idea, but would it then be legal to continue to call them “wall warts” 😉

  3. Kris says:

    If your local hardware store does not have it, see if your local electronic/electrical supply place has them. Once you find them, get enough to always have one on hand.

  4. Bill says:

    Wal-Mart as well.

  5. Mike P. says:

    I just make my own.

  6. bowdesnki says:

    Also available are extenders with a second outlet. this one is on the back of the plug.
    This 2 for 1 is much more useful.

  7. ChrisW says:

    I hate it when the heavy wall wart on the switch end of the power strip turns the switch off while you are wri

  8. Brau says:

    Ahh, the penny finally drops! I was always wondering who on earth would buy a 6″ extension cord but now I know why the local electronics shop sells them.

  9. tim underwood says:

    I have a dedicated charger station setup using a similar power strip but their Y extensions.


  10. Jim K. says:


    LOL Nice one mate.

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