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I love making tile-top projects.  However I’m pretty miserable at making grout correctly.  Maybe I don’t measure right, or I mix at the wrong intervals, but it always seems to go south by the time I’m through — always, that is, until I tried the SpectraLock grout system about two years ago.  Since then I’ve never had a problem with grouting tile, and it involves a great deal less swearing.  Here’s how it works.

First off, don’t be scared by all the “parts” that’re required, because this is the easiest stuff to work with ever.  I start with what color I want the grout to end up being — this is part C.  You can choose from a few dozen colors here, so find which one you like.  In this case, I picked #1239 “Mushroom” because it went well with my tile and wood stain.  The nice part is that once you pick up the preferred carton, you’ve mastered the job of mixing the right color;  what you wind up with will look like the hue on the side of the carton.  Next, grab a pail of AB — they’re all the same — and you’re good to go.

Assuming you have 1-foot tiles, a single AB and single C will get you anywhere from 25’x25’ to 400’x400’ of coverage, depending on joint thickness.  Since I’m never doing floors, just tabletop projects, I’ve never needed more than one of each — but if you’re doing flooring or walls, your mileage may vary.  Pop open the AB pail, and you’ll find “A” and “B” packs full of goo, a pair of rubber gloves, instructions, and a sponge.

Open and dump the packs into the pail.  Mix it together with a stick until it looks like milk.  At this point, open the part C container and dump it all in there.

Stir it all together until it’s the consistency of a milkshake.  Now you have about 80 minutes to get it spread and in the joints –- which is more than you need.

Read on to page two for our How-To.

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4 Responses to How-To: Mix And Grout A Tile Table

  1. ShopMonger says:

    Sean this is awsome,

    I am in the process of designing a side board for my dining room table and planned on using tiles that match the room for the top. Nice !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jim German says:

    I used this stuff in my bathroom, and it works great, although it is rather pricey. I think I needed 6 sets for a tiny shower stall and bathroom floor. Couple of hints, first using a bit of vinegar mixed in with the water in the clean-up will help eliminate the haze.
    Second, keep in mind this is a chemical reaction, once you mix the two parts together they start curing, and the stuff gets harder and harder to work with. However cold will slow the process down, so if you keep your bucket on ice you can buy yourself a few more minutes. In addition if you have some left that hasn’t cured to much you can stick it in the freezer and it will keep for a couple of days (enough time for you to notice that one spot you missed).

  3. Desozza says:

    well… i visit your website first time and found this site very usefull and intresting !

    well… you guys doing nice work and i just want to say that keep rocking and keep it up !!!!


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