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Ever drop a toolbag after you spent 10 minutes climbing a ladder and positioning yourself on the roof ledge just right to attach a satellite dish? If so, you’ll totally feel for Astronaut Heide Stefanshyn-Piper whom the AP and others are razzing heavily over losing a toolbag in orbit yesterday.  Her task was to lubricate a jammed joint on one of the International Space Station’s solar panels, but it went wrong from the beginning: a grease gun leaked in the bag, coating everything with a thin layer of lube. Then the bag slipped from her hands as she worked to clean it.

Her response, according to the AP: “Oh, great!” That’s some remarkable restraint, especially considering that it’s not like they can pop down to Sears and grab a replacement. I’d have spewed something worse, I think. Thankfully she was able to get the job done with the team’s remaining tools, assuring a stable power supply for the station.

Anyway, how ’bout some solidarity and happy thoughts for a fellow Toolmonger busting her ass fixing things in orbit right now?

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Other reasons NASA is Toolmonger-Friendly:


7 Responses to Lost In Space: Astronauts Are Toolmongers, Too

  1. Bill says:

    I have had the same experience when my wife borrows my tools without telling me till after the fact, they seem to dissappear into space as well.

  2. miket says:

    Its never take me 10 minutes to climb a ladder.

  3. Jason says:

    I heard an interview with her on the radio. She made it pretty clear that the grease gun actually popped, or “exploded”. For my part, I’m impressed that she dealt with it as well as she did. It’s one thing to be covered in grease when you’re under your car and quite another when you’re 120 miles OVER your car.

  4. Roscoe says:

    @ Bill: That’s hilarious.

  5. Clark F says:

    I used more imaginative language just greasing a truck on my creeper this morning, and everything went according to plan. I dont know what Id do if I had to grease a space station, and nothing went right.

  6. josh says:

    the links to the other NASA-related posts are leading to the wordpress edit page, btw.

  7. Chuck Cage says:

    @josh Thanks, corrected!

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