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With a clamping edge guide, making straight cuts with your circular saw has never been easier, but most clamping edge guides only let you make right-angle cuts.  The large rubber clamping pads on the Bora Clamp N Cut edge guide swivel 22.5° in either direction, letting you clamp it at an angle across the workpiece.

The guide works with handheld power tools like circular saws, routers, and jig saws.  It also functions as a fence for power tools with tables, like drill presses, table saws, and router tables.  A sliding clutch lets you adjust the Clamp N Cut to the workpiece quickly, and the large handle connected to the cam lets you securely lock this lightweight aluminum guide into position no matter the angle.

Affinity manufactures their Bora Clamp N Cut edge guide in 24″, 36″, 50″, and 100″ lengths.  Right now Rockler’s discounting the 36″ and 50″ versions to $30 and $35 respectively.

Angle Edge Guide(PDF) [Affinity Tool Works]
Angle Edge Guide [Rockler]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


5 Responses to Stop Being So Square

  1. BarelyFitz says:

    Just how accurate are those clamping edge guides anyway – even for square cuts?

  2. fred says:

    In our shop we break down sheet goods on a Panel Saw (3hp – Safety Speed Cut) and do crosscutting/ripping on either a Shop Fox sliding table saw or one of our Unisaws. We usually bring a job-site table saw (we like our new Bosch units) out in the field but we still use circular saws to break down big panels. We have a few of the kind of clamps pictured (I think made by Griset) but my carpenters did not like them much – so I think that they are now off in a corner someplace in the warehouse. I had a few guys ask that I buy some of the Festool plunge saws that come with a saw guide – but so far I’ve resisted the urge. I also have my eye on the newly announced (for the US market) Dewalt plunge saw – and I’ll be interested to see how it gets reviewed. I’d also like to hear from toolmongers who use the Festool in commercial use – does it pay for itself in terms of better productivity or enhanced safety?

  3. akbar fazil says:

    Its next to near impossible to cut full sheets on my shop table saw (at least not until I can afford to upgrade it) so using a straight edge with my skill saw to cut sheets down a bit is the only way I can go for now.

    Ive always just made my own straight edges. I always make it with a flat plane to rest the saw on instead of having it up against the board you are cutting. However, I do like the extra features this one has.

    And Barely, I guess it is only as square as your measurements.

  4. Michael W. says:

    I bought the 50″ Bora. It’s very well made and saves me quite a bit of time from my old way of clamping a straight edge to whatever sheet good I’m cutting/routing. It’s nicely designed and clamps very securely. If I lost mine I’d buy another.

  5. Brau says:

    I bought one 60″ Husky and liked it so much I bought another. They save a lot of time messing with jigs and clamps. They are excellent for cutting off square when trimming doors etc and function well as a light clamp when gluing.

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