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Sanding into corners or convex curves with a quarter-sheet palm sander can be challenging, but with their EZ Sand Pro, Wizard Industries hopes to make that task a bit easier.  This lightweight foam block includes three nested profiles which allow you to sand many curved shapes and angles.

Three different profiles stack together to form the sanding pad.  With the entire stack you can sand into corners or right-angle joints.  Remove the first profile to reveal a 110-degree head with a 1/2″-radius fillet curve for sanding tighter curves.  Remove that profile, and the remaining pad will finish your broader curves and coves.

To use the EZ Sand Pro, cut a normal sheet of sandpaper into thirds.  Clamp one edge of the paper into the sander, wrap the sandpaper around the profile you want, trim the excess sandpaper, and clamp it in the other side.

Unfortunately we don’t have any pricing information for the EZ Sand Pro right now, but we posted the product because we think it’s an interesting idea that shouldn’t be too expensive.  If you’ve seen it on sale somewhere, let us know in the comments.

EZ Sand Pro [Wizard Industries]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


5 Responses to Sand Complex Shapes With Your Palm Sander

  1. Old Coot says:

    Clever. Very clever.

  2. tooldork says:

    Not too clever. It appears as though you would have to sand against the grain on too much of the facing boards just to get into the corner.

    I use contour sanding grips from Lee Valley.


  3. Gary says:

    I like it. Put some tape on the cross grain facing side. No cross grain scratches.

  4. Dr.No says:

    Against the grain? I think this is used on an electric orbital palm sander so the grain isn’t an issue. Is it?

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