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You’ve got your rectangular scraper, your curved scraper, and your gooseneck scraper.  Back up.  What’s a gooseneck scraper?  Well, you could say it looks a little like a French curve, and it serves a similar purpose.   It’s composed of many different-radius curves, so you can try to match a section of the scraper to a curve on the molding, bowl, or other curved piece you’re finishing.

A scraper can leave a smoother finish than sandpaper, if used correctly and prepared correctly.  If you buy this one from Two Cherries, you’ll need to prepare it first by filing and burnishing it.  You can purchase it alone for about $8 or buy it in a set with a curved and a rectangular scraper for around $20.

Two Cherries [Website]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


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