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If you weld in your garage, these welding strip curtains will protect people coming out of the house from welding flash.  Black Stallion’s curtains block 99% of UV and also deaden the noise a bit.  Some of the sets seem to include door-mounting gear, and you can choose from four colors — you know, for the inner decorator in you.

Revco’s “Where to Buy” list includes four buy-online options, but none of them carry these strip curtains.  Street pricing runs the gamut from $50 to over $600, with door-sized curtains somewhere on the lower end.

Welding Strip Curtains [Revco Industries]


One Response to Stop Flashing Your Neighbors

  1. bob says:

    These might be good for a shop that does commercial welding. You can leave the garage door up for ventilation & if you use the clear ones, you can get sunlight though. They may also block some wind, so your shielding gas doesn’t blow away when welding. They remind me of the curtains you find in industrial sized refrigerators. So could they also be used to keep the heat or cold air inside your garage.

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