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Grip-on designed the Door Wizard for the maintenance and installation of doors.  Like a smaller version of the heavy-equipment lift bags, the Door Wizard’s bag raises or lowers the door, while two door-grip pliers keep the door aligned with the hinges.

The door-grip pliers work with hinges from 8-18mm (3/16″ to 11/16″) thick, and the hand-pump-driven bag can lift a 30kg (66lb) door up to 35mm (1-3/8″) high.  To install a door, pump up the bag under the door and move the door towards the hinges.  When the hinges align, place the door-lift pliers on the top and bottom hinges to guide the door — then release the air, and the door slides easily into place.

We wonder who Grip-on is targeting with the Door Wizard.  A homeowner probably isn’t going to remove and replace enough doors to make this tool worthwhile, and a contractor is going to say, “It’s not worth my time when I can just muscle the door in place.”  With that said, it’s still an interesting idea.

We couldn’t find any pricing or availability information for the Door Wizard.

Note: Since Grip-on’s site is annoyingly designed in Flash, there’s no way to bookmark the Door Wizard page.  To get there, let the site fully load, then click on the New Products menu, and a submenu will pop up.  Choose Door Wizard.  There you can check out their video showing exactly how the Door Wizard works.

Door Wizard [Grip-on]


3 Responses to Preview: The Door Wizard

  1. Shopmonger says:

    These are also great for braking into cars. (the hand pump part)
    I have broken into alteast 50 cars or more this year..

    No i don’t steal them.

    odd side note, the hardest car to break into, including excotic and luxury cars… A ford Focus….

    So I must say that yes these are useful,,, Never thought ot use it on a door at home

  2. Chris says:

    I have to agree, this is a solution to a non existant problem. By the time you get this thing setup, you could have 3 doors hung. Maybe you could take your blood pressure with it.

  3. Jimbo says:

    Not useful to anyone living in the US, different hinge system.


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