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This woodcarver’s screw from Two Cherries firmly holds your project to a bench so you can work on it from all sides.  Even though we knew the name of this tool and its purpose, it still wasn’t completely obvious how you’d use it.  After a little research, we can confidently say this is probably how it works:

Notice the square drive on the head of the screw and the square hole in the wing nut.  You use the wing nut as a wrench to drive the finer tapered threads at the tip of the screw into your workpiece.  Once the screw is secure in the piece, stick the shaft through a hole in your workbench, thread the wing nut back onto the shaft, and tighten the hell out of it.  Your workpiece is going nowhere — begin carving.

Imported from Germany, the Two Cherries woodcarver’s screw will set you back $50.

Two Cherries [Company Site]
Woodcarver’s Screw [Tools For Working Wood]


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  1. Tom Lowe says:

    I use one just like it almost everyday carving bowls. I start with a pilot hole in what is to be the top of the bowl. Secure it through a hole at the corner of my adjustable height bench. Instead of using the wing to tighten screw in to the wood I fastened a 6″ piece of 3/4″ black pipe to the screw itself and the wing stays on up at the point ready to set.

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