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Ever wonder how divers can patch a hole in a ship in the water?  One way is the Hilti UW10.  This gun can seal a 15mm plate to the side of a ship to stop it from taking on too much water, saving both cargo and lives.

The UW10 can fire both above and below water, and it features a sweet tip-lock to ensure against underwater accidents.  It strikes us as very James-Bond-like — but it’s actually useful and doesn’t fit in a cuff link.

We had some issues finding pricing for the UW10, but it strikes us as one of those tools you either need or don’t, so it really isn’t important how much it costs.  If the ship costs more, and you like it on top of the water instead of full of it, having this gun and a diver around to fire it is a good thing.

UW10 [Hilti]


5 Responses to Say No To 20,000 Leagues

  1. Bob The Drywall Guy says:

    an underwater ‘Powder Actuated Fastener’?? of course it’s made by hilti!

    Their top model fastener goes for about $650 Cdn last time I checked. I would expect this thing to go for a fair bit more.

    Looks like fun!

  2. fred says:

    Posted my comment in the wrong place – but here’s the link to Ramset’s tool:


  3. bob cobb says:

    Looks like you guys picked up a big ad deal with craftsman, congrats. I love the site 🙂

  4. Yes, you either need it or you don’t. It is my favorite tool in the Hilti inventory. If anyone needs more information, I have one for demonstration purposes and I’m not afraid to travel with it. It is not on our website, but is a Hilti special order item, so the price fluctuates with the price of steel. These are highly specialized and precision made one at a time and require training and certification to use them. Contact information: cecilie.korst@hilti.com

  5. Tim says:

    This tool sells for approxiamately $25,000 plus the pins and 38 caliber shots.

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