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Whenever I hear the words “safety” and “gloves” together, I either flash back to high school PSA’s, or I feel a distinct urge to dig out my old Men Without Hats album.  These safety gloves aren’t Thriller-style or anything as sexy as all that — they will help you to not remove pieces of your fingers with a whittling knife, though.

Made from a combination of Kevlar, Spectra, and stainless steel, they provide cut-resistance without making you feel like you’re about to joust somebody.  If you hand-carve, these might save you some pain — and if you’ve already managed to slice up digits, you know these gloves are a really good idea.

Pricing starts around $14.

Woodcarver’s Glove [WoodCraft]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


2 Responses to Woodcarver's Safety Glove

  1. asbestos says:

    kind of takes the fun out it doesn’t it? I mean if you can’t jamb some sharp object into your hand where’s the pleasure in that ?

  2. Patrick says:

    If these are the heavy cloth-like ones I’ve worked with, they are great for the slicing action of a knife. The stabbing motion, or powered blades, they don’t offer as much protection as you’d like. So you still need to act like a boy scout around the blades.

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