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Grip-on’s oddly shaped locking plier not only gives you 50% more force when you’re twisting it — the 70º-angled design also reduces strain on your wrist by keeping it straight.  What’s more, the compact design lets this locking plier fit in places where no other plier can go.

You operate this 8″ plier one-handed, gripping it between your palm and fingers and using your thumb to adjust and release the jaws.  The jaws open as wide as 1-5/8″, and they’ve got both straight and curved portions for use in multiple applications.

They’re made in Spain from hardened, cold-rolled steel.  Grip-on covers one handle with an epoxy resin to resist corrosion and the other with a cushion grip to reduce slippage and increase comfort.  This attention to construction allows Grip-on to guarantee these ergonomic locking pliers for life.

Grip-on isn’t providing any pricing or availability information for this tool yet.

ErgoGrip Locking Pliers [Grip-on]
ErgoGrip Locking Pliers(PDF) [Gray Tools]


7 Responses to Preview: Grip-on’s ErgoGrip Locking Pliers

  1. Shopmonger says:

    These would be great for those hard to reach parts in shower stall valves.
    They look like quality gear …. anyone had experiance with them

  2. chuck says:

    Yeah… Great looking tool!!
    Anybody got any specific application for it?
    Wouldn’t mind trying them out, where can I get a pair?

  3. K says:

    Very interesting!
    I will appear in the Japanese market soon!
    But…”Grip-On” is similar Big American name…?

  4. Brian says:

    Hey!! I think I saw ’em at the Welding Show. Great tool!! It could have been Angloamerican..or something lke that who were showing them. Try http://www.angloamericantools.com

  5. Jax says:

    That site lists grip-on as a supplier but on its distributer sites I cant find it. Emailed grip-on direct at every email on their site twice and not even a reply, not very helpful to someone who wants to buy a batch not just one or two.

  6. Don says:

    Where can you buy these Euro-Grip Locking Pliers in the USA

  7. @Don:

    Toolguyd took a more recent look last year about this time.


    He has a link to Sears, but I think it’s online only.

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