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Living in a third-floor apartment brought me to the conclusion that lugging anything up and down stairs is not cool — so my place is devoid of them. That means I miss out on projects like this staircase rebuild that reader Apeman.org is working on.

His new staircase looks great, and now it’s ready for caulk and sealant. For anyone who hasn’t attempted a rebuild like this, the angles and measurements involved can be a serious chunk of math, even for a simple staircase — and a spiral staircase can really bust your brain.

Apeman, we hope this one turns out as good as it looks so far.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


5 Responses to Flickr Pool: Building A Staircase

  1. Lookin Here says:

    Just one Code hint: the handrails need returns.

  2. Shopmonger says:

    Not if it is in a basement made before 82 or so……

    I could be off on the year….

  3. Lookin Here says:

    Or, you could do new construction correctly…

  4. Zathrus says:

    And, you know, it’s so freaking hard to add returns to the handrails….

  5. apeman.org says:

    Hi All –

    Those are my stairs 🙂

    Don’t forget, Building codes in the Province of British Columbia, Canada are different than those in the US. I spoke to a building inspector at city hall, and as long as I left the original handrail, and the rise and run did not change, we would not need permits or an inspection.

    All I really did was remove the carpet and cover it with hardwood, and install new risers and skirt boards down the sides.


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