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To a long line of things on a stick — roller, chainsaw, hot dog — Spray Close now adds spray-can-on-a-stick.  You ask, “Why put a spray can on a stick?”   Well, maybe you’re a hoodlum who’d like to extend his tagging range; or you need to spray a hornet’s nest up in your eves without getting stung; or you just want to retouch that texture on your vaulted ceiling without grabbing the ladder.

The Spray Close spray extender works with insecticides, spray paint, pruning sealer, window-washing spray, ceiling-texture spray, or just about any 11oz to 22oz aerosol can with a trigger top.  Screw a standard extension pole into the Spray Close, load up the spray can, and pull the 15′ extension cord to start spraying.  The can will continue spraying until you release the cord.

You can buy a Spray Close spray extender for about $10, but you’ll have to provide your own extension pole.

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6 Responses to Spray Smarter, Spray Close

  1. Chet says:

    Isn’t getting as close as humanly possible half the fun of spraying a hornets nest. Then you get to run around trying to spray those few surving Rambo hornets that are to sting your ass.

  2. Josh says:

    easiest way is wait till sun down when they are all int he next and spray into the hole then cover it up. You can use you hand, however you might get stung. However Sevin Dust and a puffer of some sort will work also covering the hole.

    I could see this working well on nest to high to reach though

  3. aaron says:

    could use expanding foam spray to close up that hole, THAT would be fun!

  4. Dejure says:

    I found several vacuum extension tubes for my shop vac. Now I can get out there about twelve feet or more. I just set the vac up next to the hive access and let it run for a while. It’s worked great several times now. Just don’t open the vac too soon. Too, don’t let it set out in a hot sun for a week or more unless you don’t mind dealing with the stench of a lot of dead hornets or wasps. And they can stink.

  5. John Thomas says:

    This is a very useful tool. I used it to spray some wasps last year and used very little wasp spray to soak the entire nest. Recently I used it to clean my indoor windows with aerosol spray window cleaner (I attached a rag to my extension pole to wipe).

  6. John Thomas says:

    I needed this for the Ortho Total Kill foaming spray – it barely went 12 feet. With it I clobbered the nest! Foaming spray is great, but without being close using spray close it is not powerful enough!

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