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With apologies to Huey Lewis:  I want a new rake, one that won’t tear my hands apart, one that won’t break on a single use, one that makes me feel like I just bought a great new tool.  I want a great new tool, babe.

I appreciate the beauty of a simple tool:  the lever, the inclined plane, the wheel, the shovel, the rake.  When I need one, there’s often no substitute — I can’t imagine getting along without them.  But do I need a fancy, expensive one?  Is a basic one enough?

The rake above, a snazzy one from Fiskars, sports a “longer” handle and an aluminum, teardrop-shaped handle.  It also runs up into the $35 range, if you’re not careful where you buy it.

Is a fancy rake worth the price, when you can get a basic one for $12?  Let us know in comments.

Garden Rake [Fiskars]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


16 Responses to Hot or Not? High-Dollar Lawn Rakes

  1. argosytech says:

    Seriously, though… who actually rakes anymore? I guess it would come down to the old adage “You get what you pay for”. If I had leaves to deal with in my yard, I’d mulch them in. It’s better for the soil ( so “they” say), better for the environment ( so “they” say), and alot easier on my back! I don’t think I’ve even looked at a rake in 15 years and all my neighbors either mulch their leaves or have a blower.

  2. Well, my wife rakes our yard. I asked her and she said cheaper is better. Just make sure if you get a fan rake to get the biggest one you can get.

  3. _JK_ says:

    I’m not sure the last time I used a rake either. Last year, it was use the Toro to blow everything into piles, convert it to vac, and bag that up, since I was too lazy to mulch every week.

    This year, with the house on the market, I just mulched every week, until I was gone for a couple weeks straight. Sold off all my yard tools, so I had to borrow my buddies blower to get the thick areas gathered up, bag by hand, then use the blower to spread the remainder thin around the yard, and mulch the badboys up.

  4. Ray says:

    An you call yourselves Tool Mongers. This is a garden rake, for smoothing soil, raking out stones before seeding etc. Not to be confused with a spring or “leaf” rake. It’s kind of tough to prep soil for seeding w/the ol’ Toro Blower 🙂

  5. Kris says:

    This kind of rake is not used on leaves – it is used to move mounds of dirt, sand etc. from one spot to another. Is the Fiskars worth the extra $? Maybe – depends upon how much you use it. I have not tried this rake, got one of the traditional ones. If I were in the market for one, I might try it – I really like all of the Fiskars tools that I have. They are well built, many have something clever/extra over the traditional tool. They also take abuse – like being left outside in the rain. The handle won’t snap off on you or the head fly off on you after a few years.

    It isn’t expensive if you don’t need to buy three of them over your lifetime.

  6. argosytech says:

    garden rake… leaf rake… blah blah blah… 😛

    Still boils down to how much you are willing to spend and what you get for your $! Kris did make some good points on the durability of wood vs. aluminum though.

    Still don’t have any trees… or a rake 😉

    *Hugs Snap-on toolbox* Daddy, knows that garden tools aren’t the only kind of tools and still loves you!

  7. While you wouldn’t want to use the pictured rake for leaves, if you don’t want to go buy a separate dethatcher, it’ll do in a pinch. I use one in the spring to pull out spots of dead grass before reseeding. Given I wouldn’t want to dethatch an entire yard with one unless I was training for an Olympic event or something.

  8. Dave B says:

    It all boils down to how much you are going to be using your rake. I think if you break it out once or twice a year then cheaper is of course better. If you are a professional landscaper using it for hours a week then it might be worth the investment. I bought a cheaper fiberglass rake and used it to fill in a hole left from an above ground swimming pool and it held up just fine.

  9. KevinB says:

    I would pay the extra 7 or 15 bucks for something that will last. I have a ridgid bow rake that is pretty comfortable and has the full lifetime warranty. I still prefer Bamboo rakes for leaves over blowers, nice work out as well.

  10. Coach James says:

    I still use the same wood handled garden rake I bought 15 years ago. Have to keep my post short because of this d**n auto refresh. Why does this site have it?!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Brau says:

    I bought a $5 rake at Walmart and liked it so much I bought another. The more expensive ones I have just sit unused. Cheap plastic fan rakes with a wide span seem to work best …. for those places where the lawnmower can’t get to mulch them, that is. Oh, and leaf blowers don’t level out the worm castings and bumps like rakes do.

  12. PutnamEco says:

    If your serious about raking you’ll get a decent landscapers rake.


  13. Matthew Gerber says:

    I have this cultivator rake, and the rest of the Fiskar’s garden line too. I’ve always been extremely pleased. Despite heavy use, they still look/perform like new after five years. I used to have to clean/sharpen/paint my old tools every year or two, plus sand/seal or replace wooden handles.

    Pros: Aluminum or steel construction, teardrop handles, sturdy, lightweight, no-slip rubber padding

    Cons: Sometimes too lightweight (when wielding this rake or the hoe, I sometimes miss the heft of a heavier tool/handle)

  14. Chris says:

    For rakes like the one you have pictured it’s all about head flex. Cheep rakes don’t have a lot of rigidity and flex like a wet noodle when you’re trying to move dirt around. I found the rakes from all the big box stores suck in this regards.

  15. Shopmonger says:

    HOT…. unless you are a landscaper…..

    Just get what you need that is cheap and spend the money on the lasdscaping material

  16. David Bryan says:

    If the head’ll stay on it’s worth a little more. Or you could just wait ’til somebody who thought it was a yard rake sells theirs at a yard sale.

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