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The best stories always seem to happen when no one’s around.  They pass from person to person, and eventually a habitual skeptic, who can’t believe something if he hasn’t seen it for himself, will say the event is an urban myth — that is, unless it was captured on video, like this fiasco at Target.

We feel for them, but the sheer laugh-factor has got to be worth the time it took to get those carts pushed around to the loading dock and back into the truck — if anyone could push carts, laughing that hard.

How Not To Unload Hundreds Of Shopping Carts [YouTube]


5 Responses to Doh! Cart Wrangling

  1. argosytech says:

    Saw this on Diggnation… they were debating as to whether or not it was staged… maybe the guys were just waiting for the driver to pull up a little bit and he decided to pull off… who knows. Kind of suspect to me.

  2. paganwonder says:

    A graphic illustration of the down side to hiring high schoolers and college students! Their energy and imagination requires an attentive bullwhip!

  3. asbestos says:

    so what? the carts are unloaded right?

  4. argosytech says:

    I don’t think they were supposed to be “un” loaded, at least not at that dock, but that would kinda take the funny out of it.

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