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Even though the Frog Tool comes with a belt pouch, you probably don’t want to carry this multi-tool around with you — it’s more like a tool you throw in the glovebox for emergencies.  It’s not the prettiest tool, but at $5, at least it’s cheap.

Made from lightweight stainless steel, this 1-3/4″ by 4-1/8″ multi-tool from Gatco has fifteen functions. Let’s count ’em:

  1. Standard screwdriver
  2. #2 Phillips screwdriver
  3. 7/16″ wrench
  4. 1/2″ wrench
  5. 9/16″ wrench
  6. 12mm wrench
  7. 14mm wrench
  8. 1/4″ hex drive
  9. 1/4″ square drive
  10. 3/8″ square drive
  11. .030 plug gap tool
  12. .032 plug gap tool
  13. .035 plug gap tool
  14. Valve core tool
  15. #25 Torx bit

That’s fifteen actual tools, and they didn’t even try to pass off a lanyard hole as a tool.  Wow!  Truth in advertising!

Frog Tool 15 [Gatco]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


4 Responses to The Frog Tool

  1. kif says:

    Whenever I see tools like this, my first impression is “cool.” But then an examination of the features makes it less and less appealing.

    1. 14 mm is probably too big a fastener to be using with this tool, and that size appears twice – once as 14mm an again as the SAE equivalent, 9/16.

    2. The most common fastener head and perhaps the best balanced to the size of this tool would be 10mm, which is not on this tool.

    3. Also, given the size of this tool, the 14″ square drive is probably sufficient, and the 3/8″ drive only gets in the way.

    4. The range of the plug gaps is too narrow, and it’s inclusion probably makes for an uncomfortable grip when using the wrenches.

    I think when they design these things they should focus on one application area, and include items that make sense. Is this for my bicycle, motorcycle, car, or boat?

  2. Shopmonger says:

    I had one of these gieven to me by the aunt that gives me random gifts…..


  3. Rich says:

    ‘Lightweight stainless steel’…?

    What were you expecting – lead?!?

  4. Tony Clifton says:

    So, um, where’s the bottle opener? These multi-tools always seem to have bottle openers on them somewhere.

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