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For routine maintenance or emergencies, you can simply squeeze off polyethylene (PE) pipe, instead of locating a valve upstream.  Timberline designed their TR-650 tool for squeezing off 3″ to 6″ PE pipe without completely excavating around it.  You just open up an 18″ “keyhole” or trench, and slip the 17-1/2″-wide jaws down into the keyhole.

The 6-1/2′ handle lets you stay above ground instead of jumping into the trench.  The handle ratchets for controlled squeeze-off and release, and the jaw automatically centers the pipe.  The large jaw doesn’t crease the pipe, but provides squeeze-off at 15% wall compression.

Relatively lightweight at 60lbs, the TR-650 can be operated by one man.  Timberline CNC machines the high-strength, aircraft-grade aluminum components for precision fit.  For safety, this lockout-tagout device comes equipped with a copper grounding rod.

We’re not exactly sure what the Timberline TR650 costs, but it’s probably more than you want to spend unless you understand what “provides squeeze-off at 15% wall compression” means.

TR650 [Timberline Tool]


3 Responses to The Big Squeeze(-Off Tool)

  1. fred says:

    This like other PE pipe tools (e.g. butt-fusion tools) are mostly the domain of gas distribution companies and their contractors.

  2. Old Coot says:

    Our local propane distributor replumbed some of our resort and they would kink “live” 3/4″ PE to temporarily stop the flow when fusing a new connection. I questioned that and was told “everyone does it”. Any comments?

  3. Jerry says:

    This must be a promo shot – the pipe and the tool are far to clean and shiny to be a shot of real action. Pretty interesting device and sure to allow the guy to proclaim that he has the biggest “tool” around – especially if he adds that his —– never mind….you know the rest

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