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Metabo has released the new Stone Master WE14-125VS 5 grinder.  It looks just like every other grinder and does about the same thing as every other grinder, so even with a big, sexy name like WE14-125VS 5, it’s got to be a tough sell — especially since it runs about $200.  We see why they put “Stone Master” in front of it.

Metabo stuffed their VTC electronics package in the new grinder — it constantly monitors the motor’s RPM, adding voltage as the load increases, which allows the grinder to maintain the same RPM from no-load to full-rated-load.  You can vary the speed from 2,800 to 10,500 RPM.

The WE14-125VS also features Metabo’s “CoolFlow” system — with carbon brushes positioned so they don’t restrict airflow, and a fan that pulls more air through the tool — to keep the 12.2A motor running cooler during operation.  With all this technology inside, Metabo claims their grinder’ll last five times longer than other brands.

Here’s the real question:  Do the Metabo grinders really last that much longer in your shop, and are they worth the premium to get that longevity?  Some guys’ll give you an eager yes and swear by them.  Others, who won’t use the grinder enough to justify the cost, opt for a $50 unit instead.

Angle Grinders [Metabo]
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6 Responses to Preview: Metabo’s WE14-125VS 5 Grinder

  1. Old Coot says:

    In my world these critters are treated with brutality; usually when I need one it’s to do something wet and dirty. They are one of the very few power tools I buy at Harbor Fright; cheap and discardable when they fail. I do, however store them in a separate area, far away from my Milwaukee stuff; don’t want them making friends with each other.

  2. fred says:

    We do quite a bit of granite and stone work – and really like the Makita 9565CV Variable speed 5 inch grinder and its cousin the Makita PW5001C 4 inch stone polisher. While the Makita polisher is not up to the Galeski Polifox 1600 that we also use – you can but about 6 Makitas for 1 Polifox
    We do most of our stone grinding, polishing and core drilling using these machines.
    We are also thinking about buying the new Dia-Pro edging machine that uses the 9565CV as its “engine”.

  3. KMR says:

    I’ve said it before about angle grinders, just as Old Coot says, the HF $5 specials are durable and I won’t feel bad when they die (none have died yet – although one is stuck in the on position, but a toggles switch fixed that)

  4. Jerry says:

    Count me in on the HF $5 deals for these beasts. I don;t even cry if I forget it and leave it at the job when I’m done! A guy I work with claims to have had his HF “junk” for 3 years and it still does the job after going through “hundreds” (his claim) of cutting wheels with it. So, 1 of these fore $200 or 40 of the HF bargains?

  5. Iron Head 46 says:

    You people crack me up with your Harbor Frieght junk. On most construction jobs I’ve been on in the last several years, if you didn’t have a Metabo grinder, you were wasting your money. A fellow Iron Worker bought a HF grinder after seeing this thread, and figured we would give it a try for a day. We didn’t baby it or abuse it anymore than the Metabo, but the HF grinder died a miserable smoky hot death. We put a cut off blade in it and tried to cut a piece of 6 inch steel channel… well it cut about half of it. I’ve been using my Metabos since 1999 when I bought 5 of the 4 1/2″, and to this day I haven’t had a bit of trouble with any of them, other than one cord cut. I currently own 4 of 4 1/2″ and 5 of the 6″. I do own other grinders like a few Milwaukees but it’s the Metabos that get used everyday. Well worth the money. I’m a fa of Buying something one time. Buy the best once, not junk everytime you turn around.

  6. Russell Van Brocklin says:

    I too am a steel worker, and until this year would agree with the Metabo as the god of grinders. Butttttttt this year I bought 4 new Metabo grinders 41/2 x 2, a 5″ and a 6″. Today I had to drag out my old B&D $1,000 on new grinders and they all need the repair man. I dont know if China is making Metabo now or what but I really need the Metabo grinder for the power, anti lock, quick disk change, and slow start. I havent given up yet but is any one else having trouble with new Metabo tools?

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