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Smart cars are generally built to be very efficient little rides –- except for this one.  This Smart car got the full Big Foot treatment, and it seems to be having a good time playing in the mud.

Taking the most practical vehicle on the planet and turning it into a dirt-trekking monster car takes a certain flair — and a fair amount of cash.  We’re guessing the turning speed got a bit slower as well, with all the weight being loaded about three feet higher than it once was.

Still, this is a testament to our ability to turn anything into a useless showboat.

Monster Smart [YouTube]


5 Responses to It’s Just Cool: Smart Monster Car

  1. Blind says:

    Under what definition of the word “practical” are you thinking this vehicle falls? Not by any I’ve ever heard. Toyota’s get better milage. Most anyone else has better cargo space. I’m not convinced that the average comutter can even comfortably fit in a Smart.

  2. Blind says:

    Though for the record, I’m still fond of the Smart that they dropped the ‘busa engine into so it would do endo’s and burn outs.

  3. KevinB says:

    looks like the vehicle from the 80’s game “Moon Patrol”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMu8er2yTSY

  4. NYCParker says:

    Practical? Mileage is good, and you can park these things anywhere. In the city, that matters a lot.

  5. Ninjoe says:

    Practical my ass. The most practical ‘vehicle’ on the planet is the bicycle. And for the record, this particular stupid smart car makes nature herself vomit with rage.

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