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When two hands aren’t enough to keep up with the baby and get your work done, you grab a tool to solve the problem.  If you don’t have a tool for the job, you buy one — and if you can’t buy one, you make do and build something.  Though it’s a bit strung-together, this impromptu safety barrier also turned out to be baby’s first slick track.

The temporary setup only required a few 2×4’s and some large immovable objects to serve in the critical support roles.  The young speed demon on the go — kept safely away from tools and harm — tuckered himself out by the end of lap six.  And Dad saved the fifty bucks he would’ve spent on a giant folding gate.  This was definitely a win/win.

Supergate V Safety Gate [Perfectly Safe Products]
Child Safety Gates [Google Products]

12 Responses to Toolmonger Baby Gate

  1. Robert says:

    Plastic bags?

  2. paganwonder says:

    Great solution! Robert- not all children immediately cover their heads with every plastic bag they see. Also, this looks like the work of an attentive parent providing a stimulating environment for an energetic child- good job!

  3. k20878 says:

    Yeah, giving it to your child and telling him it’s a space helmet, that would be irresponsible.

  4. Old Coot says:

    I’m with Robert; those easily reached plastic bags are killers.

  5. KevinB says:

    Baby: I can’t take it no more. I gotta get outta here.
    Chief Bromden: I can’t. I just can’t.
    Baby: It’s easier than you think, Chief.
    Chief Bromden: For you, maybe. You’re a lot bigger than me.

  6. BigEdJr says:

    KevinB… I had to look that one up. Then it made me laugh….

  7. Shopmonger says:

    Great solution….

    Kids should be in the shop. As Chuck C says not a bianary decision….

    get them used to the noise, the hectic work pace, and of course the great smells of the shop. Yeah Yeah plastic may not be the best, but again we cannot all be perfect….

    Nice job and keep up the Shop thought

  8. bobk says:

    I figure you’ve got maybe 8-12 months before you’ll have to come up with another solution.

    For the time being however, great improvisation.


  9. J.R. Bluett says:

    bobk, less even, that little boy is an over-achiever.

    Plastic bags; huh, he didn’t even look at them so I forgot they were even there, he was busy with the flying disc (not Frisbee brand, not shown) and ramming the 2-by-4s to try to get out (thus all the weight behind them). I did have my hands full, but had to watch him the whole time, he’s creative AND persistent.

  10. Shopmonger says:

    A great toolmonger in the making……………………

  11. Robert says:

    Sorry, I wasn’t trying to slam.

    I was just trying to point the plastic out so that it can be noticed for next time.

  12. Old Coot says:

    What Robert last said, however plastic bags and thin-sheet plastic are frequent kid killers. And so are buckets or totes with some accumulated rainwater. Just ask any EMT or ER.

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