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Whacking a bearing with a hammer to seat it is a sure way to shorten its life.  To do it right, unfortunately you might need an expensive bearing-fitting tool kit like this one from SKF.  It can help you mount over 400 different bearings without damaging the raceway or rolling elements — plus you can also install bushings, seals, and pulleys.

The TMFT 36 tool kit comes with 36 different impact rings, three impact sleeves, and a dead blow hammer in the carrying case.  You pick the impact ring that matches the inner and outer diameter of the bearing and a sleeve that fits the ring, and click them together.  The impact sleeve effectively distributes the force of the hammer blow to the ring and ultimately to the bearing.

SKF manufactures the sleeves and rings from a high-impact-resistant material, and they make the sleeve bodies with an even surface for gripping.  They clearly mark the rings with their size for quick identification.  The rubber-gripped hammer features a double-sided nylon head that won’t damage the components.  If necessary, you can also use the impact rings in a press.

The $750 asking price is pretty steep if you don’t have a lot of bearings to replace.  Maybe you can find someone to loan it to you.

Bearing Fitting Tool Kit [SKF]
Bearing Fitting Tool Kit [Reliability Direct]


2 Responses to Seat Bearings Correctly To Extend Their Life

  1. T says:

    I guess the trick of using the old one in between the hammer and the new one is passe?

  2. ambush says:

    Or using a socket? This definitely qualifies as a shop tool and I know at work we have similar tools.

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