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Bahco gave this ordinary adjustable wrench a secret double life, by adding some teeth to the unused side of its sliding jaw.  With one smooth side and one serrated side, you can use the adjustable wrench as you always have — or reverse the sliding jaw and grip some pipes.

To convert from normal wrench to pipe wrench and back again, spin the sliding jaw all the way off with the thumbscrew, and turn it around.  The only disadvantage to this process:  You could lose the sliding jaw, since it’s removable.

Bahco makes this wrench in many styles: black phosphate, chrome, and with or without ergonomic grip.  They sell the wrench in 6″, 8″, 10″, and 12″ versions.  Depending on size and finish, you’ll probably pay around $25 to $35 for one of these reversible adjustable wrenches.

Bahco [Corporate Site]
Reversible-Jaw Wrench [Google Products]


3 Responses to Reversible Adjustable Wrench

  1. Shopmonger says:

    WOW $25 I think a trip to HF or even HD would be more apt for most aplications

  2. Barri says:

    I have 4 different sizes of these wrench’s and wouldnt use any other brand.
    I have hit my larger ones with hammers i dont know how many times trying to lossen stuff and they have never failed.

  3. Shopmonger says:

    No that is a resounding endoursement. I would not be as confident with my cheapo ones with hammer strikes…….can anyone say “POW”

    Shrappnal hurts… I may have ot go check one of thee out…. for tough work…..

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