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As battery technology advances, stores have to push the old systems off the shelves to make room for the new kings of cordless tools.  Often a vigilant hunter can find sweet deals on perfectly good batteries and even a few chargers.

Don’t expect anyone to be giving away last year’s Li-Ion gear; instead look to the old Ni-Cad-powered gear for the best bargains.  We spied these Task Force 12V packs marked down to $5 each — there were close to a dozen of them lying on the clearance table at the back of the store.  We also found a charger setup for them, buried under a pile of gardening gloves, marked down to $9.

So even if you just wanted to repurpose the packs so they can power a creation of your own — like a giant robot — you could do so for less than $20.

Lowe’s [Website]


10 Responses to Cheap-Ass Tools: Ni-Cad Battery Packs

  1. KevinB says:

    I’m not real familiar with the taskforce stuff except with some of their handtools I’ve seen at Lowes or HD. I wonder if the batts are worth buying just for their cells to rebuild a Batt from another brand.

  2. Shopmonger says:

    Yeah it would be curious to know if i should pick a couple up for repair parts….

    Are they standard nicad cell size and what it the Amp/hr

    Do any of them directly fit other tools?

  3. fred says:

    Task Forec seems to be a Lowes (LG Sourcing) brand name.
    Maybe a look at the UPC on the battery packages will give you the information about who the OEM was.

  4. Fabian says:

    Walmart recently had a bunch of brand new black and decker ni-cd batteries for their cordless lines on clearance in California. 9-18v Ni-cd Batteries for 2-to-3 dollars each; MSRP was 30-40 normally.

    I filled my buggie and sold them on Amazon! Yippie!


  5. Terry says:

    I’d like to find batteries and chargers for my Craftsman EX 19.2v tools but the nearest Sears is too far for me to stroll by and check out the clearance table. Does anyone know where I can find cheap ni-cad deals without using ebay?

    I’d prefer not to buy ni-cad gear on ebay.

  6. Tim B. says:

    @Fabian – You don’t still have any of those, do you? =) I’ve been needing to rebuild or replace my 18V Firestorm batteries for WAAAAY too long.

    If I could find a hot deal on these Taskforce ones (or others) here in the Seattle area, I’d consider buying one just to rip apart and judge the potential for rebuilding other batteries…

  7. Fabian says:

    Honestly, I sold like 40 of them on amazon in less than a week..

    Your local walmart may have more for sale..

    also, my sales on amazon managed to push the prices down since others wanted to compete with me.. you should check amazon for some sweet Black and Decker ni-cd deals..


  8. brew says:

    I bought one of these drills at lowes for $20 and hooked it up to my snow blower chute. I also picked up one of these spare batteries for well under $5 ($2 I think) and they are going on their 3rd winter. The batteries are not even close to my other tools batteries, dewalt, panasonic, etc. but for what I am using them for they have been great.


  9. Fabian says:

    Folks, this just in!

    Walmart is also dumping their Black-Decker-VPX3101 batteries for $7 each. My local walmart in Gilroy, CA had about 50 of them last night. FYI.

    About the VPX3101 battery:



  10. Manny says:

    Find me cheap 18v milwaukee Nicads and I will die a happy man…

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