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If you saw someone holding Bahco’s model 31 adjustable wrench in their hand, you probably wouldn’t think twice about it — until they put it down.  Then you’d notice that although one end looks like most adjustable wrenches, the other end sports alligator jaws for gripping pipes.

Hold one end to grip a pipe or fastener with the alligator jaws’ aggressively angled teeth.  Hold the other end to use the slim, 32mm-capacity adjustable jaws.  Bahco sets the adjustable jaws at a 15° angle to the handle, and they coat the entire 8″-long wrench with a black phosphate finish.  A metric scale etched on the side shows you the approximate size of nuts or short objects.

You can buy the model 31 alligator adjustable wrench for about $30.

Bahco [Corporate Site]
Model 31 [Builder Depot]


One Response to An Adjustable Wrench With Teeth

  1. David Bryan says:

    I guess these used to come in Volvo tool kits– I’ve seen lots of them that say Volvo on the handle. I used to carry one of these in my tool pouch. I never had much luck trying to substitute an alligator wrench for a pipe wrench. I think they’re mostly a convenient fits-all for nuts and bolts that aren’t particularly tight. None of the ones I’ve seen would’ve been very useful for turning pipes.

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