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Reader chiefdm5 is quick to point out that this isn’t his machine.  We’re guessing the 10″ nail holding the pin of a grapple on an excavator isn’t part of the original equipment.  You probably wouldn’t even notice it unless you’re right up on the thing –- or it gives way.

We know that substitutions are a part of everyday life on the job site, so it’s always amusing to see how guys on the scene “fix” issues like this.  Depending on the load to that area, this might even be ok.  Let’s hope this thing was a rental and that no mishaps occurred before it was returned — and that it doesn’t turn into a “Doh!” for somebody down the road.

Great catch, chiefdm5.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


3 Responses to Flickr Pool: Substitute Pin

  1. When I was a kid I worked on the farm in the summer. There probably wasn’t one piece of equipment on the whole farm that didn’t have a few nails acting as pins. Luckily there were never any “Doh!” moments.

  2. asbestos says:

    no doubt that is one reason that agriculture is one of the top industries for mangling, crushing, amputating, and just generally hurting people.

  3. paganwonder says:

    “Duct tape an’ bailin’ wire” is a funny cliche but with heavy equipment- people and equipment just get mangled. Fix it right or leave it broke.

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