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An interesting thing occurs around the time of the first freeze:  Before the Weather Channel guy can say, “The temperature’s going to drop below freezing tonight,” all the faucet covers everywhere disappear around you.  The picture above shows a rare full box of them — not often seen in the wild.

I often wonder where the ones from last year ran off to.  I remember taking them off, but it’s like they migrate to the Land of Lost Socks.  Luckily they’re not expensive — $2 or $3 a pop for the really nice ones, and you’re set.

Now that I’m taken care of, I feel safe reminding everyone else.  Stock up, before you have to get creative and bust out the insulation and zip ties.

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8 Responses to Faucet Covers, You Need Them

  1. Aaron says:

    I’ve never seen these used, and I live in Canada. I just turn off the water to the outside taps, making sure they are drained.

  2. In states where it freezes most houses have freeze proof hose bibs — or if they don’t they should.

    These are a poor substitute.

  3. Bill says:

    I don’t see how these could work. Want to buy a bridge?

  4. AggieMike says:

    Another solution is the split pipe insulation, that black stuff for copper pipe. You can open it up and fold it over the hose bib, then secure it with duct tape.

  5. McAngryPants says:

    100% agree w/ big Ben Johnson above. Frost free bibs are the way to go. I live in a town that RARELY sees snow or stays below freezing. Yet I still went with these puppies just for peace of mind. well…that and I never have to put one of the silly covers on my faucets again.

  6. MP says:

    Aaron makes sense. I haven’t used one of these and it does freeze here in New York. I close the feed to the outside tap and drain it. Are these really necessary?

  7. Wayne D. says:

    I near Phoenix. My main water line comes out of the ground and into my house. It does drop below freezing several times during the winter and I have to leave a faucet dripping so my line doesn’t burst like my neighbors did. I am going to make a insulated cover for the whole assembly before it freezes.

  8. Zathrus says:

    These are a poor substitute, but if you don’t have access to the cut off valves (in my case the idiotic previous owners drywalled over them) and it only rarely gets below freezing then this can help. It only gives you a degree or two of protection, but that may be all you need.

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