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Watching other folks screw up a lifting operation never gets old — but it always makes you wonder about the circumstances at the scene when they were rigging it up.  Did the crane operator have somewhere else to be? Did he bet his buddy he could screw this bad boy up in under twenty seconds?

It just doesn’t occur to people that what you may think is a permanent connection or solid object is only strong in one direction.  Lifting on an object with four times its own weight slung under it isn’t the best plan of action.  We suspect they came to that conclusion at about second 13 of the video.

Vrachtwagen Valt [YouTube]


3 Responses to Doh! Lifting Gone Bad

  1. KevinB says:

    eek,that can’t be good

  2. Jon says:

    You can fix that with some grit, spit, and a whole LOT of duct tape.

  3. Jereme says:

    That is a really funny video

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