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Now that smoking isn’t politically correct, most automobiles don’t come with a cigarette lighter — the manufacturers have repurposed that hole as a power port.  Fill the empty port with the Auto LED flashlight from Coast.  You can leave it charging in your vehicle’s power port, always ready, like the lighter it replaced.

A high-quality Nichia LED and a “moon” lens produce a high-intensity, circular white beam that lasts for 2-1/2 hours when the light’s fully charged.  A blue LED shows the charge status, and the four integrated 20H NiMH batteries can be charged up to 1,000 times.

Whenever you need light, just remove the light from the power plug and twist the top of the 1-7/8″ long metal casting to turn the light on or off.

The Auto LED will run you about $20.

Auto LED [Coast]
Auto LED [Duluth Trading Company]
Auto LED [Lights And Knives]


12 Responses to Cigarette-Lighter Flashlight

  1. Michigan Mark says:

    That seems like a really good idea, I am always dropping things in places that the interior lights of my truck don’t illuminate very well, this would help, and I don’t have a lot of other things to charge, no ipod, no cell phone, but for others who have 10 things always charging it might not be as practical. Besides it is always a good idea to have a good flashlight in your vehicle incase you have to change a flat at night.

  2. Matthew Gerber says:

    Bought one of these from Think Geek for my wife’s Ford Edge. It does not fit in the power port position on the dash, or inside the center console, and the included adapter is too large to help. I’m really disappointed, since it looked like such a cool gadget.

  3. Kevin says:

    I bought an Auto LED about 4 months ago, found that 2 out of the three 12v sockets in my US-made SUV would either not fit the light or fit but not make contact. Luckily the third try was the charm, found a socket that is only powered when ignition is on and that fits the light…

    Got mine for $16 from ToolParadise.

    Puts out just enough light to find that lost lugnut.

  4. Shopmonger says:

    I had one of thee for awhile, it was not a good tool. Same problem kevin had, it did not always fit and was not alwasy charged.

    It was great for only my wifes one car….. kind of a bummer

  5. Kurt Schwind says:

    Bah. These stories are disappointing. I really wanted this to work right because the idea is a great one. I guess I’ll buy a wind-up flashlight and stick it in the glovebox. Probably for around the same cost.

  6. Maybe if one of you guys who purchased the Auto LED could take a calipers and measure the diameter of the light and adapter ring so people who are interested would have a better idea if the light would fit in their vehicles power port/ cigarette lighter.


    I’ve noticed that some power adapters have a switch that change how far the contacts extend from the body of the plug. I guess that implies that the sizes of the power ports and or cigarette lighter ports are not all the same diameter. It’s a real shame that these ports aren’t all standard.

  7. Tetsubo says:

    I was looking forward to buying one of these, until I read all of the negative comments. Thousands of companies make devices that use the lighter port in cars. How hard is it to make a flashlight like this that fits?

  8. cc says:

    Great idea. but now that I’ve read about the problems folks are having, i’ll probably just stick with my regular powered LED flashlights. I’ve got one in the door compartment and one on my keychain and these will probably last quite a while on the stock charge.

  9. Jim K. says:

    Hmm… based off the comments I think I’ll just stick with the maglight I’ve had in my truck for years. Never had it fail me and honestly I only change the batteries once in a blue moon. Probably wouldn’t work out as well if I was in a colder climate where the temps can kill batteries quickly, but out here in CA it’s never been a problem.

  10. DaveD says:

    Dunno if it was the same brand, but I saw something similar in Harbor Freight this weekend. I think it ran about $15. I just keep one of those cheap $5 led flashlights from Harbor Freight in my car.

  11. Jack Danials says:

    granted there are plenty of lights out there for far less, but the one thing i think this little guy has over all the other cheapies is the simple fact that you never have to hunt for it. i know we have all rifled through the glove box and trunk trying to find the flashlight and it’s a 50-50 chance you won’t find it and if you do it will be dead. so i give kudos to this little guy

  12. Rick Friesen says:

    Hey, I got one of these light as a gift and I could never get the thing to charge. Its on in the 12 volt plug but once removed, its dead. Do I charge it in the on or off position? I’ve done both. I don’t like it shining in the cab at night. I’ve never seen this Blue ready light. Is it the battery of another problem? Could you send a comment back, thanks.

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