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On the side of the road in the middle of the night isn’t the best time to find out you can’t manage to wrench the lugs off that flat tire.  This torque-multiplying removal tool from Harbor Freight claims to give you a 30-to-1 advantage over those with muscle-power-only solutions.

No matter how big a sissy you are or are not, whether you’re a teenager or an elderly man, sometimes those lugs just won’t break free.  The geared mechanical advantage of the multiplier gets power where you need it, without busting the lugs or yourself.  Just put the adjustable arm and sockets on two of the lugs, and crank — one will pop loose.  Rinse and repeat with the rest, and the wheel will come off.

You can stow this simple system under a seat for when it’s needed — which hopefully will be never. However, it never seems to turn out that way.

Harbor Freight sells it for $19.

Torque-Multiplying Lug Nut Tool [Harbor Freight]


16 Responses to Torque-Multiplying Lug Nut Tool

  1. Kieran says:

    What are you supposed to put the socket on when you get to the last nut?

  2. chs says:

    I would imagine that it just needs something to hold onto, so the socket would go onto one of the empty studs.

  3. Electron says:


    Just leave another nut loosely threaded onto a stud. Finger-tight should be stable enough to anchor the tool and loose enough to remove by hand when you’ve broken the last nut free.

  4. Jax says:

    Or you could just torque up your lugnuts to the correct force, with some neverseize, before you have to change a wheel in a hurry.

    But I do agree this might be useful for that first-time “new-to-me-alloy-bolts-on-a-alloy-wheel-why-wont-you-shift-itus”.

    Rather than reaching for the scaffold pole and the breaker bar that is.

  5. Charlie says:

    Kicking the breaker-bar usually works pretty good, too…

  6. Uthor says:

    I wonder how well (or if at all) this will work on recessed lug nuts or bolts like on my GTI.

    Personally, I just keep a big-ass breaker bar in my hatch, which is also useful for when I need to do work on the car. It was more expensive than $19, though.

  7. Josh says:

    I don’t think the Garrett Wade is a Knock off at over $90, but for that price I would look into an cordless Impact wrench.

  8. fred says:

    Re Josh Says:

    I should have added a graphic with my tongue way out in my cheek.
    The HF offering is obviously the knock-off of the GW tool

  9. rjerryc says:

    And remember that HF sockets tend to “open up” under too much pressure – or just strip out. For $19 though, it just save you a lot of trouble if it works – I’d sure try it at home, in the garage, first! It’s also one of those tools that just looks dubious.

  10. Shopmonger says:

    Put new sockets on it call it a great emergency tool


    recessed lugs easy… if you have studs.. then cary a blank to have something to hold on to….

    by the way if you have deep recessed bold get some HF $8 deep sockets….

  11. norm says:

    Lug nut torque mulitplier- Harbor Frt’s unit is knock off-the vast majority of their products are the lowest quality manufactured- have to know how to pick and choose. Guarantees are short lived so have them order pick up for defective tool . Insist on them paying for return if defective.

    Their torque multiplier failed and broke dramatically the first time we used it. We had extended socket wrench to reach in for motorcycle hub but it still failed with very little torque. Looks well made on outside but as usual guts are inferior and pawls/gears jumped tracking and cracked in half. I had bought many for gifts and had to collect them and return them.

    I design tools and have woodworking, plastic working, metal working and tool and die operation.

  12. Chevy_Man says:

    I use a HF 25″ 1/2″ drive breaker bar with a 19mm deep impact socket.
    I keep it in the trunk for emergencies. Works like a charm!

  13. Allen Dale Williams says:

    I have the G. Wade product and being a Millwright the fact that the quality is such that it looks American made to me would indicate that the H.F. is a knock-off.

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