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Until vehicles come with outlets built right into the dash, we’ll have to settle for the nuisance of portable inverters.  To help disguise what’s often a tangled, messy eyesore, Original Power cleverly designed their PowerCup in the shape of a coffee cup, to take advantage of the ubiquitous cup holders in cars, trucks, and even boats.  It provides two 120V AC outlets and a USB charging port.

The USB port supplies up to 500mA, and the inverter provides 200W of continuous juice or 400W peak — Original Power claims that’s enough to power a 27″ TV.  We suspect a 27″ TV may be stretching it, but the PowerCup will definitely power small portable electronics like laptops, DVD players, or iPods.

You’ll pay about $30 for the novelty of this inverter.  Original Power also custom-labels the PowerCup — if you want your mugshot on this mug, contact them directly.

PowerCup [Original Power]
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4 Responses to The Power Of Coffee

  1. Bender says:

    I always figured that I was powered by coffee… But now I can power my cell phone and iPod with it! What an age we live in…

  2. Bill says:

    If it weren’t for coffee I couldn’t function at all, but I’ll be d@#ned if I share it with a laptop!

  3. Murph38_99 says:

    I do this now with a Foam Beer Cuzzie. wires go in the bottom and my iphone sits on top inside comfortably. Sadly, no I don’t own the ibeer app. I’ll throw a couple pics up in the pool in just a few.

  4. Murph38_99 says:

    I completely left out the part about my inverter being stashed in the din pocket below.

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