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Beauty can break out in unexpected places.  The shop, for instance, looks like a pile of tools and junk heaped together, but to a Toolmonger it’s a pile of possibility and future projects.  Even the shop itself is beautiful if you take a moment to look — reader ghb624 captured this image of his shop in the morning right before he kicked on the lights.

I hate some things from a practical standpoint but love them for their photographic and visual qualities. For instance, my workbench in its usual state of disarray. Entering the shop on a morning when the sun is shining brightly and filtering in from the upper window, the result is like bright spotlights picking out a few random objects, while the rest of the scene is barely discernible in the semi-dark.

Maybe I’ll have a cleanup session again one of these days. On the other hand, a potentially beautiful photo might be lost in the process.

Some people have trouble understanding it, but Toolmongers can look upon even a messy old shop and see art, just the same way we can look at a bundle of raw lumber and see a finished project.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


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