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If you’re paranoid about your neighbors stealing your water when you’re sleeping, you either need to see your doctor about some medication, or you need Nibco’s FaucetLock.  The FaucetLock screws over existing hose bibs without tools and prevents water theft or tampering.

The FaucetLock’s compact design makes it hard to remove without the key.  Nibco manufactures the housing and lock from solid brass, and they serialize each one so if you lose the key you can order a new one.

Nibco also touts the FaucetLock as a way to conserve water — it can stop water-wasting drips.  We think it makes more sense to fix that leaky faucet rather than relying on a stop-gap measure.

Each FaucetLock comes with two keys.  You can also purchase several faucet locks keyed alike so you don’t have to carry around a large key chain.  Street pricing runs $20 to $30 — your neighbors would have to be filling up their swimming pool weekly to justify that price.

FaucetLock [Nibco]
Street Pricing
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8 Responses to Stop Water Thieves

  1. Shopmonger says:

    Oh my god becky………..

    This has to be the lamest one of them all…………….

    Funny all be it. And amazing you found something so crazy.
    The sure magnitude of the lameness on this may crash the site…..

    I cannot contain the laughter…..


  2. Adam R says:

    why not just use the shut off valve?

  3. Eeyore says:

    This device is probably most useful for people who manage a facility like an apartment building. Car washing tenants can use up an awful lot of water, annoy other tenants, and get soap suds in the landscaping. Using this lock not only saves your water bill, but discourages an undesirable activity.
    The lock can also be a safety feature. Perhaps the water from the tap is not safe for drinking. Putting up a “Non-Potable Water” sign may not be sufficient to discourage careless use. Locking the faucet positively prevents misuse.

  4. Zathrus says:

    @Adam R: Not all shut off valves are easily accessible. The ones in my house, for instance, were drywalled over by a previous owner… but certainly that’s a cheaper option than this for most homeowners.

    Oh, and to make this even more absurd, I suspect that you can pick this lock with a bic pen, just like all the old Kryptonite bicycle locks.

  5. Piglet says:

    If it’s capable of stopping leaks then it’s also capable of preventing the anti-siphon from working in freeze-proof valves. I wouldn’t recommend using it in the more northern (or more southern, if you’re on that end of the world) climates.

  6. andy says:

    it would be good for preventing the kids from playing with the hose, but not at that price.

  7. Jimbo says:

    Not everyone has access to shut off valves. This is great for specific uses such as For Sale properties or college dorms.

  8. Lisa Lapko says:

    Where may I purchase the $14.00 Hose Bib Lock. Home Depot and Loews are both near where I live in Houston, Texas. Your answer is greatly appreciated.

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