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Magswitch MagJigs allow you to easily position and remove your jigs on steel and cast iron tables.  Now Magswitch is introducing their own MagFence jigs, designed for use with these handy switchable magnets. Common to all their jigs is a universal base that accepts two 30mm MagJigs or 20mm MagJigs using an adapter ring.

For now, Magswitch is releasing two different fences with the universal base system.  The ball bearing resaw fence is angled to allow for blade drift, and the ball bearings help the wood flow smoothly past the blade.  It can also function as an in-feed or out-feed work support.  The other fence is a dual-roller guide that holds workpieces firmly against the fence or table.  Both the resaw fence and the dual-roller guide feature precision-sealed roller bearings.

There’s no information on when the MagFence will be released or how much it’ll cost.

MagFence [Magswitch]


3 Responses to Preview: Magswitch MagFence

  1. Shopmonger says:

    Looks great but what if you have a aluminum table?

    I have alway been a proponent of the aluminum table for rust reasons.

    These look great and magswitch ahs made great products for years. I love the idea and have used simliar items for machine work.

  2. fred says:

    I like the magswitch magnets for holding small parts – but not sure about their new jigs. I’m a big proponent of using anything that makes working safer for my workers. We are fans of using shop-made featherboards that help prevent saw kickback. We clamp these in place on our jobsite saws and on our cabinet saws in the shop. (I think that I prefer clamps here to magnets. ) We also try to avoid removing any of the manufacturer’s safety features (some cuts are problematical). We have our Unisaws fitted with Delta splitters and their overhead guard system which we have learned to live with. We also use a Shop Fox sliding table saw and a 3hp (Safety Speed Cut) panel saw when they are more suited to the joband make work safer. We’ve just started using the new Bosch jobsite saws – with its riving knife and other safety features. They look like an improvement – but time will tell.

    For our Laguna bandsaws we are thinking about trying out their drift-compensating fence. Have any of you toolmongers tried one out – and what do you think?

  3. I found pricing over at Eagle America:
    The base alone is $25
    The resaw fence with no base is $35
    The dual roller fence with no base is $40
    The Full Kit is $140

    The full kit includes a couple MagJigs that’s why it’s more expensive.

    Looks like Eagle won’t have any in stock until 11/5/2008

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