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A while back, Johnson Levels played host to the explain-all show How It’s Made.  The resulting five-minute overview demystifies the making of a time-tested measuring tool –- the level.

They do a great job breaking down the production process for a laminated birch level.  Of course, the real trick is getting the vials right and getting them in the beam as accurately as possible.

Though they didn’t show it, I was curious to see if they glued up, cut, and sanded the beam on-site or had them prefabricated elsewhere.  I suppose that part of the process isn’t very interesting to anyone but wood geeks, so I can see why it didn’t get any airtime.

Johnson Level – How It’s Made [YouTube]
Johnson Level [Website]


2 Responses to Educate Yourself: How Levels Are Made

  1. Daniel says:

    You REALLY need to shutoff the auto-refresh “feature” of the site. I got halfway through this video twice before it refreshed and I had to start over.

    Interesting video, VERY annoying background settings.

  2. Joe says:

    Same issue as Daniel. It’s not like you’re posting every five minutes.

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