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Black & Decker’s PP360 driver looks like a hopped-up Smartdriver with an additional feature or two added on.  But that’s not really a bad thing — small though it was, the Smartdriver at least got the job done.

In addition to a 4.8V Li-ion onboard battery, the PP360 features a four-position rotating drive — that’s a rotating head that allows you to better position the head of the fastener so you can squeeze in tight places. We’re guessing that, like the Smartdriver, for normal household applications this’ll send around 25 fasteners home before it needs to recharge.

Pricing runs right around $30 which, coupled with its timing, suggests that the folks at Black & Decker are trying to wrangle it square in the middle of stocking-stuffer territory.  You could do a lot worse for a “gift” tool, but better can be had as well.

PP360 Rota-Driver [Black & Decker]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


18 Responses to Black & Decker PP360 Rota-Driver

  1. Shopmonger says:

    Another drive for the small compact driver shoot out you all should have…..

    Time to take all small compact drivers for a test run against each other in a head to head raggamarock.

  2. Mike lee says:

    I brought one from Walmark for $17 bucks.

  3. asbestos says:

    I remember when I saw the first B&D cordless driver. It was on a job and I said to myself “that is the cheesiest, homeowner looking thing. . .” after using it to take a fan cover apart that seemed like it had at least two dozen screws in it, I had to admit it was not totally useless. after using the thing almost every day for a week or two I bought my own. these things are definitely handy, not so much for driving screws into wood, but for assembly/disassembly. where there small size and low speed are a plus

  4. David Bryan says:

    I picked one of these up in Wal-Mart once. Just picked it up, didn’t buy it. It made me think of a story about this old guy I knew. He got sent a sample of dog food and a while later they called him up to ask how his dogs liked it. He said, “My dog took one bite of that stuff and turned around and licked his behind twice to get the taste out of his mouth.” That’s what this little thing reminds me of, and I don’t really have anything against cheap tools.

  5. Zaw says:

    I use to loosen my RC car screws. Works great, it come with built in light and you can twist the front to get into narrow places very handy.

  6. hendo says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how many “experts” there are that don’t have a clue. Put aside the above negative comments and take a close look at this diminutive tool. Anyone, who has had to drills holes or drive screws in very tight areas, will do an immediate back-flip. Questions of durability aside, there is no other drill/driver on the market that comes anywhere close to providing drilling and driving in areas with such tight clearances. For crying out loud, the centerline of the bit holder is only 5/16” from the top of the tool head! With its small size, 360 degree rotating tool head, and 180 degree rotating spindle, this is a very remarkable tool for tight areas.

    I just used my PP360 to install 8 L brackets into the recessed top and bottom of a cabinet I’m reinforcing. I only had 3/8” clearance between the screw hole centers and the cabinet top & bottom. None of my other many drills and angle adapters were capable of properly drilling the holes and driving the screws. Other than having to recharge, in the middle of the job, the PP360 performed extremely well.

    Drawbacks? Sure. Small size means small battery, which means lower torque, lower speed, and shorter duty cycle between battery charges. Speaking of the battery, it’s a NiCad, not Li-ion. So, the battery will likely go before the tool does. Quality? Let’s just say it won’t be a family heirloom. But, at $30, it doesn’t have to be. If that’s a concern, buy a second for backup. Personally, I wish B&D would also offer this tool with a cord and put the Rota-Driver system on some of their larger drills. Works for me.

  7. Jennifer says:

    This tool is great. I agree with the battery issue and would love for this tool to be made with either a cord or a larger version to have more power and a longer charge. It did the job. Had a very small clearance where my other three drills could not drill a straight hole. The rota- driver was exactly what I needed.
    Just a note: I live in a very HOT climate and learned my lesson on leaving power tool batteries in the garage. The heat will destroy batteries.

  8. outtosea2 says:

    So we’re back to B&D’s cheap NI-CD batt packs again huh? Figures! I can’t figure out for the life of me why they would advertise that the PP360 has a Li-ion batt pack when it doesn’t? Mmmm?

    I never cared for B&D’s NI-CD or NI-MH batt packs, as they always had a tendency to have 1 single batt always go bad prematurely and ruin the whole batt pack.

    Their older VERSAPAK series batts were the worst! I also had problems with their 14.4-volt batt packs as well. Seems like they use the cheapest batts possible, as the batt packs always failed early on.

    I never cared for B&D for the simple reason that their Service Ctr’s always were just out to make a buck any which way that they could. Very tacky people working there!!

    For my money I’ll stay with my RYOBI 18-volt Plus One cordless tools, as they are simply the best!! The 1 hour “fast charge” batt chargers are rock solid too! Their 3.6-volt HP37 screwdriver is simply the best!

    I bought 2 of them at Home Depot on BLACK FRIDAY a couple years ago for $10 each on their special sale, and they are still going rock solid strong as hell batt wise, and I use both of them on a daily basis! Great little Ryobi cordless screwdrivers that have long retired my age-old 2.4-volt Skil screwdrivers. The power these new Ryobi HP37’s have is incredible. Seems like a charge lasts forever! So much for B&D – Never again!

  9. Betty says:

    How can I get a charger for pp360 Rota Driver, my son lost his. Thank you so much

  10. guillermo barroso says:

    how much charge time is needed for the B&D rota-driver drill? thank you

  11. Elisa Guessford says:

    I just need to know about the charger for this product. I’ve misplaced mine and I found another one and it is black&decker and it fits the hole but I don’t want to use it unless I know it is the right charger for the PP360 rota-driver. Can anyone help me please. I have searched the net for the right one but can’t find one. Can’t even find any conversations about it. None of the B&D sites offer any info on them. Help!

    • Mark Kraus says:

      This is a REALLY old inquiry, but maybe it will help someone. The correct charger is a typical “wall-wart” charger with a cord about 6 feet long. The specs are as follows:
      middle post is positive, outer barrel negative, input is 120v AC @60HZ 5w
      output is 5.8C DC 85mA
      Black and Decker part number is 90520670

  12. Paul troxell says:


    • Fred says:

      When you find out where a replacement battery is for this unit let me know….I will do same…all these questions on chargers, etc, etc..and nothing on replacing battery(s)


  13. Fmg says:

    Took mine apart and it’s got four “AA” (800mAh NiCd) cells arranged in 2S 2P (2 parallel + 2 parallel). This is done to keep voltage low but double current from AA NiCd cells. Requires soldering to replace but that’s very very easy.

  14. Skipnchatter Guitars says:

    I picked one of these up at the thrift store, it’s a great little screwdriver especially if you do lose the air work seems to work extremely fine with small screws on head stocks of guitars pick guards etc. no need to handle a large screwdriver when you can reach right over and grab one of these like babies and get the job doneWorks like a champ if you ever need to replace the batteries just make yourself a trip down to the batteries plus store piece a cake

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