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You won’t become a master woodworker overnight just because you bought the latest gear or learned a good technique at the WoodWorking Show.  However, all those tips and tricks and shiny tools do help you along a bit — plus, shows are a great place to hang with like-minded crafters.

Their website lists shows in almost every part of the US over the next year.  They’re packed full of trinkets, workshops, appearances, gear, and all the other trimmings attendees expect from a tradeshow.  And because the shows’re about woodworking, they’re actually fun, unlike the Crapfest 2008 where stiffs go on for ages on subjects that make you sleepy –- sort of like high school.

Check out the site to find the event nearest you.

The WoodWorking Shows [Website]


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  1. Bill says:

    There’s also the WoodWorks Show http://www.woodworksevents.com/

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