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My barber is a retired machinist who loves to talk tools — this is largely why I go to him.  A few weeks ago we were chatting about how some of the most breathtaking knives aren’t made by large companies or factories at all but by a skilled craftsman, one at a time.

He then added, “Like Joe Pardue custom knives over in Sanger, Texas.”  I was embarrassed my barber knew about this and I didn’t, especially since Joe turns out his knives about 30 minutes north of the Toolmonger shop.

A blade like this Fluted Mammoth Liner Lock is a thing of beauty, and it shows off the artful hand of the craftsman who made it.  It features a fileworked backstrap, fluted bolsters, fileworked anodized titanium liners, fileworked screws –- are you getting all the filework here? -– a ladder-pattern Damascus blade and bolsters, fluted mammoth ivory handles, and a thumb stud with mammoth ivory inlay.

Sadly, it’s out of our budget at around $700, but we can appreciate the concept.  You’re not buying a knife — you’re buying functional art.

Joe Pardue Knives [Website]


9 Responses to Joe Pardue Custom Knives

  1. Michael says:

    It’s in Spurger Texas.


  2. KG2V says:

    Customs are the way to fly (if you can afford them) – go over to bladeforums.com, or knifeart.com (for a dealer)

    Not a pardue, but a Have a Jeff Hall, and a Sunderland (as well as a few others that are not as ‘fancy’)


  3. Sean OHara says:

    Nice catch Michael, at least I don’t have to wonder why I hadn’t heard of them..and of course it’s in big block letters at the top of the page so I look like a right nit-witt.

    Now if I was just wrong about the price and they actually cost $50 I’d be in business. 🙂

  4. McAngryPants says:

    I have one of the knives he designed for Benchmade (www.BenchMade.com). One of my favorite every-day knives.

  5. Kris says:

    Definitely Knife pr0n.

  6. Old Donn says:

    Like KG2V said, if you can afford one. Although I doubt seriously anyone would gut a buck with a $700 damascus blade.

  7. Bill says:

    Had a knife made outside of fort hood tx just before deployment to desert storm. It was custom made, and this person also had a knife he called the persian version, a K-bar style….There was a paladin embossed on the side…does anyone have any info on this guy?? He smoked Kool cigarettes and said he was a door gunner on a huey in Vietnam.

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