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Get into tight corners where your old die grinder can’t reach with AirCat’s inside-corner die grinder.  With its 4″ wheel you can access angles as shallow as 30°.  The tool’s 17″ length also allows you to reach into confined spaces.

The die grinder’s powerful, lightweight motor runs at 15,000 RPM, and a compact, tapered gear housing redirects the motor’s output 90° to spin the grinding wheel.  The through-the-handle exhaust system minimizes noise, dust, and debris and directs air away from the operator.

If you routinely find you can’t get your die grinder to fit where you need it, it may be worth shelling out $200 for this tool.

Inside-Corner Die Grinder [AirCat]
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Via Amazon [What’s This?]


3 Responses to A Die Grinder For Hard-To-Reach Areas

  1. Shopmonger says:

    OK, at $200 I think i will weight fro chigaco Pneumatic to come out with thier version. It is a great idea and I could find lots of uses but …… $200 is a lot for a NICHE tool…..

    COme on harbour freight

  2. Richard says:

    Support tool innovators I say

  3. tinbender2 says:

    This is a tool I will really put to good use. And I would pay $200 for it.

    I’m not familiar with the quality of “Aircat” tools, but I would NOT buy the Harbor Freight version of this tool.

    This is for tight areas, where I’ll probably have my face stuck into, to see that I don’t grind/cut the wrong part. I’ve had several HF air tools come apart during use, and got some ugly scars as souvenirs. Damn lucky I didn’t lose fingers or eyes, even though I always wear safety equipment.

    I will NEVER allow a H.F. high-speed cutting/grinding tool to operate near my face. I’ll have to research the quality of Aircat tools.

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